About Us

Who are we, really?

Bi’ Dünya Haber is a Turkey-based news platform that offers nothing but inspiration. We only publish good news from all over the Islamic world within the borders of Ahl-i Sunnah. Since the beginning in 2018, Bi’ Dünya Haber has published over 900 articles, and currently embodies around 50 actively working volunteers. Consisting of volunteers from various fields ranging from engineering to literature, the our team is quite diverse, and their common point is the willingness to stand by the good.

What is our ambition?

Blessings happen all around the world, and they happen every single day. We believe they’re just underemphasized. The conventional media channels inevitably lead us to adopt a pessimistic view of the world, especially when Islam is involved. Of course, it is naïve to deny the negative altogether; but there is an obvious lack of publishing on the brighter side. Bi’ Dünya Haber is the common platform of those who strive to inspire, spread positivity, and reveal the untold stories of Muslims who make the world a better place.

How do we act?

Alongside news articles, we publish lists, interviews and various original content. The ideas often come from volunteers, and Bi’ Dünya Haber simply gives them the opportunity to express their view of the subject.
As for the editorial policy, there are a few ground rules we adopt to ensure a unifying and safe environment. These include:
-Taking a nonsectarian stand on behalf of the organization,
-Trying not to deviate from the path of Ahl-i Sunnah.
-Avoiding sensitive issues that may possibly cause conflict among Muslims,
-Avoiding tendency towards a certain group or political view,
-Always emphasizing the positive element rather than the other details.

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