Canada Has Tripled Its Muslim Population

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

Migration has existed since the start of mankind, and despite its reasoning differentiating over time, it has had an ever-present existence in our lives. For hundreds of years, people have left their own lands, due to a variety of reasons,  and migrated to other countries. Canada is one of these countries, like others many have chosen to come here for a number of reasons, such as a better life standard in comparison to the war and conflict in their country, for better education, or greater work options. Canada has become a host country to many Muslims who have migrated here with the hope of finding a better option to a variety of different situations they may face in their own countries.

A report published last September by the Canadian governmental agency Stats-can stated that the Muslim population in the country had seen a remarkable increase with figures that showed the Muslim population making up only 1.1% of the entire population in 1996 in comparison to the 3.7% figure in 2019. Consequently, Islam has become the second religious group, after Christianity, with the most followers within the entire population. 

According to the conclusion of a study reviewing the religious disposition and structure of the population, Islam has become the fastest growing religious belief of the country, with a population of over a million, despite the general decrease in the number of people who chose to hold a religious belief. It is estimated that the Muslim population of Canada will reach figures close to 2.8 million in the year 2026. This increase in those choosing Islam is followed by Hinduism and Sikhism.  

In contrast to the large ratio of Muslims in Canada, the religion does not hold a rooted history in the country. So much so that, pre-1985 the population of Muslims in Canada was so low that it was not able to categorize as a separate group in statistical studies taking place. However with successful migration policies and the general tolerating ethos, the country has had a chance in its ethnic atmosphere and as a result become the home to a variety of different religions, including Islam.

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