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Egyptian Teen Produces Azza Faiad Produces Biofuel

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

Some unique minds light up our ways by making our world a better place to live in. Age or nationality does not carry importance when findings of these great minds are acknowledged. Azza Faiad is a high school student, born and raised in Egypt, her interest in science has finally led her to make a great discovery.

Faiad is preparing to change the world with her invention which turns used plastics into fuel. WithFaiad’s invention, in Egypt alone, ten million euros a year can be saved. It is not every day when you hear of a student in high school, come up with an idea that can change the world. Nourwanda Sorours, Azza Faiad’s mentor at the research institute, explains the project with the following words;

Plastic wastage has become the biggest problem in Egypt, and unfortunately the situation is the same in many developed countries as well. Our project aims to bring a solution to this problem. It is not easy for a high school student like Azza to reach the research institute as a minimum of a master’s degree is required for those who wish to work here.

Fortunately, the Egyptian Institute for Petroleum Research agreed to take the risk of this project and has assembled a special technical team for Azza’s project. As a result of the numerous studies, the team was able to convert plastic into biofuel at the cheapest cost possible. As for Azza, she has already won several awards from the European Union for her finding. 

We hope and believe that Azza’s success story will be a hope of light for younger adults all over the world. Anyone and everyone, no matter their age, who works with honesty and has good intentions can put forward something positive for the world. As the Turkish proverb goes, and as Azza has shown us; ‘Wisdom does not come with age.’ And we all have the duty to use our wisdom in the path of Allah and Islam. 

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