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Exclusive Boxing Training for Muslim Women

Translator: Rümeysa Şevval Ayvaz

It is well known that engaging in sports has a positive impact on individuals’ self-confidence and happiness levels. For Muslims, the environment in which we participate in sports is just as important as the act of exercising itself. This news is about a sports club in Ireland that provides opportunities for Muslim women to engage in sports.

Tralee Boxing Club has created a group within their facility where Muslim women and children can take lessons, allowing 20 Muslim women and children to participate in training on Saturdays and Sundays. With a coaching staff that is 40% female, the club was in an excellent position to accommodate Muslim women. The club’s initiative to involve more Muslim women in sports began in 2022 when the club secretary and coach, Lynda McGrath, invited members of the Kerry Islamic Social Assistance Association Women’s Program to join Tralee Boxing Club. Lynda believes that boxing enhances individuals’ fitness and personal character and hopes to introduce people of all ages and abilities to the sport.

We are one of the few clubs in Ireland that initiated this effort. Initially, we had an all-male coaching staff on Sunday mornings. However, we changed that to an all-female staff, which meant Muslim women could be integrated into our Sunday morning classes as well. They are all truly amazing and love sports. I am truly impressed by the interest Muslim women have shown in sports; they are genuinely eager. It brings us great pride and happiness as a club.

she said.

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Rahma Eldars, a Muslim living in Ireland, had always wanted to learn boxing but was unable to fulfill her desire due to the lack of “Muslim-friendly” clubs in the southeast of Ireland. When she learned that Tralee Boxing Club would provide a suitable environment for Muslim women, she was delighted and immediately enrolled in the club. Rahma Eldars expresses her feelings as follows:

As a Muslim woman, when I saw that sports were shaping my character and boosting my self-confidence, I realized that I had made the right decision. I would like to express special thanks to Lynda for making me feel welcomed and accepted. I highly recommend this club to anyone seeking courage and success.


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