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Famous British YouTuber Jay Palfrey Chooses Islam

One of the developments that perhaps brings the greatest joy to the Muslim ummah is the addition of a new member to the Muslim brothers and sisters. The consciousness of the ummah has always aimed to be a single entity, reaching everywhere and everyone without distinguishing between various languages and races, and to be wherever Islam can go. Today, we are here with news that waters and nurtures precisely this ummah consciousness. Our dear young YouTuber, who has claimed to have lived as an atheist for many years, officially announced that he embraced Islam after a deep inner journey and extensive research. Jay Palfrey shared in a video on his YouTube account on Sunday, August 16, that he had fulfilled the first condition of entering Islam, the testimony of faith, in a mosque in Turkey, declaring that he had chosen the Islamic religion.

Despite All Defamation

As Allah Almighty states in the Quran, “Whoever seeks guidance, I will guide them,” He says. Perhaps dozens of non-Muslims are currently entering this quest, but this testimony is granted only to those who strive, continuously seek guidance, and whose efforts are sincere. Jay, our young brother who has been traveling to many Muslim countries and Middle Eastern countries since 2017, organizing various trips to learn about their cultural depths and get to know their people, continued his journeys despite the distressing situation and negative aspects of Islamic countries portrayed in Western media. We think it must be this sincerity that kept this journey alive. The desire to always be on the road and search for the truth.

During my journey, I felt a spiritual connection with the people I met in the countries I visited. Living in Muslim countries, exploring their beauties, and discovering this religion that people describe as intolerant became the path I wanted to follow.

History has written about those on this journey, and he, like those who never gave up, has never given up. Therefore, he wants to continue his travels, looking at what happened with a positive perspective, with love. His perspective becomes a source of hope for the ummah and a light for brothers and sisters seeking guidance. When we plant the seeds of love, something always sprouts. We must have full faith in the healing power of love to be able to move the world to a much better place.

Throughout my travels, I aimed to carry the beauty of this way of life and its love, and I will continue to witness and spread the fact that these people are making the world a better place. I will continue to travel and spread it everywhere in the world.


Many celebrities around the world continue to choose Islam. We are happy to receive and share news that delights us. Just a month ago, Latvian weightlifting champion Rebecca Koha embraced Islam. Before her, American vocalist Della Miles also announced her conversion to Islam. Della had previously worked as a vocalist for Michel Jackson and Whitney Houston. In 2018, the famous songwriter Sinéad O’Connor also declared that she had embraced Islam. The true religion, Islam, continues to spread its greatness and flawless book as the only truth everywhere in the world, even in the remotest corners. Surely, Allah will send His help to those who seek guidance. The truth will prevail, and falsehood will always be condemned to perish.

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