Hasanpasa Mosque in Partnership with Kizilay for Crucial Blood Donations 

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

As humanity, we are going through some difficult times. It is the invisible fact that with the pandemic, which affected many psychosocially, there have been great problems and lags in many sectors and fields, and the health sector is included. Blood donations have been on the decline as the people of Turkey have had to cut their ties with social life, as part of the fight against the virus. As a result, different campaigns have started to encourage the donation of blood.  In our news piece today, we will bring to you one of these campaigns.

The Imam of Kadikoy Hasanpasa Mosques in Istanbul, Levent Uckan, reported that the blood donation campaign carried out by Kizilay (Turkish Red Cresent) at Hasanpasa Mosque attracted 116 attendees and the blood collected will bring hope to 350 people. A total of 4000 units of blood have been collected from the campaign which has been carried out here since 2013, Levent also added that the mosque hosts Kizilay’s campaigns two to three times a year.

Levent Uckan, who was presented with an award at the 2018 TDV International Goodness Awards for the exemplary work he has carried out on many occasions at Hasanpasa Mosque, has also become a much-loved figure within the mosque’s community. In times like this, we need good news more than ever. 

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Hasanpaşa Camii’nden Kızılay’a Kan Bağışı Yardımı

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