Hilltop Mosque With a Breathtaking Black Sea View: Kırklar Camii

Kırklar Camii which translates into “Mosque of the Forty” in Turkish was built at 3200 meters high. Although it is not known when the mosque was constructed, the name is believed to be an attribution to forty hermits who once lived on top of that mountain. Located at the highest altitude of Kırklar Mountain among hazy clouds, the mosque offers a beautiful landscape with lots of fresh air to breathe. That is to say, it is a perfect hermitage place to pray, contemplate, and turn to Allah.

Kirklar Camii
Kırklar Mosque

The visitors of the mosque often prefer the summer months to find some peace of mind before the enchanting view of the Black Sea. With no mosque built at a higher altitude within the region, Kırklar Camii feels like a mystical gate to the endless blue. And once that door is open, refreshing emancipation and serenity await the guests. Located between Bayburt and Trabzon provinces, the mosque is surrounded by cliffs on three sides. That is probably why there are stones placed all around the building. Intimidating as it sounds, the mosque still gives away a unique cozy feeling… only surrounded by mist.

All in all, this place is a must-see for those who are keen on hidden Islamic beauties, breathtaking natural landscapes, and mesmerizing atmospheres to calm the spirit.

Be wary, though. If you ever get the chance to visit Kırklar Mosque, you’ll likely want to keep coming back to pray numinously before that stunning landscape reaching the clouds!

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click here to read it! : Eşsiz Manzarasıyla Karadeniz’in En Yüksek Rakımlı Camisi: Kırklar Camii

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