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Islam Rapidly Growing in the U.S. : Latin American Muslims

Living Islam correctly and spreading our religion to every corner of the world are among our duties as servants of God. Even though our awareness may be limited, this task is not confined to Turkey or the Middle East; it is happening in places we would never think of, and with Allah’s permission, Islam continues to spread. The most crucial aspect of this is knowing the language those people speak. Additionally, conveying the truths in a way they can best understand, that is, in that language. Today, we will tell you about the surprising increase in the number of Latin American Muslims in the United States and the efforts made to guide them to Islam.

Over 700% Increase in Less Than 10 Years

According to statistics published by the Washington DC-based Institute for Social Policy, the fastest-growing group embracing Islam in the U.S. is Latin Americans, also known as “Hispanics.” According to the institute’s annual report, in 2009, only 1% of American Muslims were of Latin origin, whereas in 2018, this figure rose to 7%.

Dalia Mogahed, the research director of the institute, expressed her astonishment at this growth rate:

“This figure indicates that the number of Latin American Muslims has grown by over 700% in less than ten years, and no other group has grown at this rate.”

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Islam Rapidly Growing in the U.S. : Latin American Muslims 1

Why Do Latinos Choose Islam?

Mogahed noted that the emphasis on a personal and direct connection with God in Islam, without the intervention of an institution or religious figure, has been effective in Latinos choosing Islam. Another reason for Latinos choosing Islam is their exploration of the roots and legacy left by the 800-year period when Al-Andalus governed Spain.

Islam is Not as Foreign to Latinos as They Think

Imam Isa Parada of a mosque in Houston, where sermons are in Spanish, says:

“I tell people that Islam is not as foreign to them as they think.” He adds, “In fact, there are nearly 4,000 words that have transitioned from Arabic, the language of the Quran, to Spanish.”

“Islam in Spanish” Organization

There is an organization in the U.S. that has contributed to the increase in the number of Latin Muslims and works in this field: Islam in Spanish.

The Islam in Spanish organization assists those who want to learn Islam in Spanish. Since 2016, they have been instrumental in the conversion of about 160 individuals to Islam. Recently, the organization organized an event at the Al-Hidayah Mosque in Philadelphia, where they mentioned the presence of 250,000 Latin Muslims in the U.S.

Speaking at the event, Bianca Guerrero, a 35-year-old Latin Muslim woman, shared her experience of choosing Islam at the age of 19 and the reaction she received from her family. “My decision was not well-received, and I was kicked out of my home. Fortunately, my situation is not a unique example.” Thankfully, both Guerrero’s mother and sister have now chosen Islam.

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