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Isra Ismail Yusuf, Alexandria’s Extraordinary Photographer

Translator: Sümeyye Nur Oflaz

I’m here, do you hear me? This is how those who pose for the camera of the visually impaired Isra Ismail Yusuf call out to help her adjust the frame. Isra Ismail Yusuf, a photography lover, takes pictures of people who were walking, working or just spending time on the beach of Alexandria to improve herself.

Isra, who is visually impaired from birth, uses her hands to adjust the distances and angles of the people she photographs.

Photography Education

Isra describes his love for his work as follows:

I chose to do photography because I love the media industry. I tried every possible way to get into the branch. I knew I had to find a way to gain photography competence. In order to improve further in this field, I decided to search for courses related to photography. As a result of my research, I found Halid Ferid, the founder of “Kad Al Tahady”. Later I talked to the teacher and was accepted. I started learning from him. At first, I thought he was going to teach me how to take pictures with the phone. But when the teacher told me that he would teach me with a camera, I was very surprised.

Isra Ismail Yusuf, a graduate of Arabic Language and Literature, hopes that her work at various points in Alexandria will provide enough experience to enter the media industry as a journalist. “It’s really hard work. However, I love being together with people and gaining experience because that’s where I learned photography better, where I could connect with people, and where I felt that I was doing what I love.”

Mrs. Rahmet Abdurrahman, who is just one of the people Isra photographed by the sea, said, “Her level of photography is really high. She uses her hands and our voices to determine the positions and angles. God bless her.” She made good wishes for Isra. We also appreciate Isra’s initiative and effort that pushes the limits and hope it will inspire many of us.

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