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Latvian Weightlifter Finds Spiritual Strength in Islam

Once in a while, we come across stories of guidance that warm our hearts, renew our curiosity about our faith, and fill us with excitement. This time, it’s a story from the world of sports. Rebeka Koha, a Latvian weightlifter who has won silver, four gold, and four bronze medals in various championships, recently announced on her personal Instagram account that she has embraced Islam.

Don’t let Rebeka’s impressive achievements mislead you; she is only 22 years old. Unlike most reverts, her journey to Islam was not the result of a quest but a delightful twist of fate. The Qatari athlete Moaaz Mohamed Ibrahim, who is now her fiancé, played a leading role in Rebeka’s guidance story. While we might not know the details of this process, their professional friendship somehow took on a spiritual dimension, ultimately leading to the young woman’s declaration of the Shahada. Rebeka expresses her feelings about all these events as “It’s not luck; it’s Allah’s perfect plan.” She even took the time to share greetings for the holidays, suggesting she has adapted quickly to Islamic culture.

The young athlete made her conversion to Islam public for the first time in the following statement:

“I have made a significant decision in my life. I can say that I am pleased and grateful for this choice. I am sure that I have done what is right for me. What I expect from you is simply respect. Today is a special day for me because I have embraced Islam by bearing witness. I believe that from this moment on, a new and beautiful chapter of my life will begin.”

In the continuation of the text accompanying her photograph with hijab, she mentions that she no longer wishes to share open pictures.

While Rebeka Koha received numerous congratulatory messages from the Muslim community upon sharing this joyful news, she inevitably faced the criticism of her Christian followers. In response, she utilized her platform with a sense of Islamic responsibility, sharing an informative piece about the place of Jesus in our religion, starting her post with the words, “For those who mention Jesus in the comments.

Although Rebeka announced the end of her sports career due to knee problems shortly after embracing Islam, she seems content with her new life. After all, trust in God is an indispensable aspect of Islamic ethics. We wish her goodness and beauty on this spiritual journey.

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