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In our series of “Houses of Allah,” we introduce beautiful mosques from different countries. This time, we’ll get to know the mosques in Azerbaijan.

Ajdarbey Mosque, Baku

Ajdar Bey Cami 1

Shining within Baku’s treasure trove of history and culture, the Ajdarbey Mosque stands as one of Azerbaijan’s most renowned religious structures. Built in the 19th century, this mosque reflects a unique blend of Asian and European architectural styles. The main dome of the mosque rises impressively, while its minaret complements the beauty and grace of the mosque. The interior decorations, pulpit, and prayer area exhibit an original style that encompasses Ottoman, Seljuk, and Persian elements. Visitors discover the historical and aesthetic values of the Ajdarbey Mosque, providing a glimpse into Baku’s rich cultural heritage.

Shah Abbas Mosque, Ganja

Sah Abbas CamiGence

Reflecting the historical fabric of Ganja, the Shah Abbas Mosque is a significant structure carrying traces of the 17th-century Safavid period. The mosque is crowned with an impressive dome and minarets. The courtyard and surrounding arcades enrich the space around the mosque. The frescoes and embellishments inside the interior offer visitors a historical journey by reflecting the artistic taste of the era. The Shah Abbas Mosque represents a captivating stop for those seeking to understand Ganja’s history and architecture.

Shamakhi Grand Mosque, Shamakhi

samahi ulu camii 664x420 1

The Shamakhi Grand Mosque was built in 743 AD in honor of the arrival of Muslim ibn Waliyad, the brother of Caliph Khalid ibn Waliyad, during the reign of the Caliph. According to some sources, Khagan of the Khazars, defeated by the armies of the Caliphate, converted to Islam in this mosque. Throughout history, the mosque witnessed earthquakes, fires, and tragic events. During the March Massacre of 1918, the mosque was set on fire with people inside, resulting in the loss of many lives. Despite the tragic events and destruction, the mosque has survived to the present day and has taken its current form through recent restoration efforts.

Haydar Mosque, Baku

Haydar Kadi Cami 2

Named after Azerbaijan’s former president Heydar Aliyev, the Haydar Mosque was constructed under the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev and was inaugurated in 2014. Located in the capital city, Baku, the mosque is known for hosting Sunni and Shia imams alternately for sermons and prayers, following a weekly rotation. As we pass through its alleys and experience the famous winds, the beautiful Haydar Mosque in Baku captivates us with its architecture.

Yukarı Govher Aga Mosque, Shusha

Govher Aga Cami

Reflecting Azerbaijan’s cultural mosaic, the Yukarı Gövher Ağa Mosque stands out within the historical atmosphere of Shusha city. Built in the 18th century, the mosque presents one of the finest examples of traditional Azerbaijani architecture. Intricate craftsmanship and wooden carvings in architectural details enhance the mosque’s aesthetic value. The interior of the mosque is shaped by Ottoman and Persian influences, adorned with historical wall paintings. The Yukarı Gövher Ağa Mosque serves as a vibrant monument narrating the history and cultural identity of Shusha to its visitors.

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