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Mosques of France

In our series, we are introducing beautiful mosques from different countries. This time, the mosques we will get to know are from France.

Great Paris Mosque (Grande Mosquée de Paris)

The Great Paris Mosque is the first mosque built in France. During World War I, in memory of the 28,000 Muslim soldiers who fell in combat against Germany in France, the French government decided to build a mosque. The construction of the Great French Mosque, which started in 1922, took 4 years and was completed in 1926.

Buyuk Paris Camii Grande Mosquee de Paris

When the construction of the Great Paris Mosque began, it is known that both Sultan Abdulmecid II and Atatürk contributed financially to the project. After Abdulmecid’s passing in 1944, his body was kept in this mosque for 10 years. The complex of the Great Paris Mosque includes a restaurant serving Moroccan cuisine, a library, a conference hall, a hammam, and many small shops. The mosque, designed with Moroccan architectural influences, has a 33-meter-high square minaret inspired by the Kairouan Great Mosque in Tunisia. Inside, there are small tables and cushions for visitors to sit on.

Assalam Mosque (La mosquée Assalam de Nantes)

Esselam Camii La mosquee Assalam de Nantes

Assalam Mosque is a mosque located in Nantes, France. Construction of the mosque began in 2009 and took 3 years to complete. The construction of the mosque was financed by Bader Abdullah Al-Darwish, the chairman of Darwish Holding, who donated 4.4 million euros. The mosque was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by Ahmed Jaballah, the president of the French Union of Islamic Organizations (UOIF), as well as the Algerian Consul and the Qatari Consul.

With its 17-meter-high minaret and a dome that changes color based on light, Assalam Mosque illuminates the city of Nantes. The mosque is frequently visited by association groups and high school students. The mosque is open to all citizens and helps strengthen friendship and brotherhood ties among French citizens.

Sahaba Mosque (La mosquée Sahaba)

Sahabe camii La mosquee Sahaba

Located in Créteil, this mosque was designed by Architect Anas Hamdallah and was opened on December 18, 2008. The mosque is managed by the Union of Muslim Associations. Next to the mosque, there is a bookstore, a tea lounge, a restaurant, a hammam, exhibition halls, and other spaces dedicated to exploring and deepening Islamic cultures. Arabic lessons and private tutoring are also available. The interior decoration, created by Moroccan craftsmen, is inspired by the Arab-Andalusian style.

Of course, these are not the only mosques in France. The foundations of the Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Strasbourg, which will be the largest in Europe upon completion, were also laid in France a few months ago. This structure, which will accommodate 3,500 people praying simultaneously and cover an area of 14,500 square meters, is being built within a large complex.

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