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Mosques Around the WorldNorway

Mosques Of Norway-2

Mosques in Norway stand out with diverse architectural features and simplicity. Despite the relatively small Muslim population compared to other European countries, Norway has a significant number of mosques. Here, we explore and compile these mosques for you.

Oslo Turkish Islamic Union Mosque

Oslo Turk Islam Birligi Camii

Oslo is Norway’s largest city, formerly known as Kristiania. Named “God’s meadow” from the word “Gudenes eng,” it’s among the world’s most expensive cities.

Affiliated with the Oslo Turkish Islamic Union, this mosque is one of the two in Oslo. The city, with over a million inhabitants, has a significant Turkish population of over 6,000. The mosque serves not only Turks but also Muslims from various other nationalities.

Hauketo Mosque

Hauketo Camii

Hauketo Mosque, affiliated with the Söndre Nordstrand Cultural and Dialogue Association, is one of two mosques in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Söndre Nordstrand is a district within Oslo, and Hauketo is a neighborhood in this district, deriving its name from Hauketo Farm. It serves Muslims from around the world.

Lørenskog Mosque

Lorenskog Camii

Lørenskog Mosque, affiliated with the Turkish Cultural Association, is located in Lørenskog, one of the cities nearest to Oslo. The city’s name, derived from “leiremskog,” means “clay home border forest.” With a population of 42,000, it houses more than 400 Turks who worship at this mosque.

Drammen Central Mosque

Drammen Merkez Camii

Drammen Mosque is situated in the city of Drammen, Norway. Operating under the Drammen and Surroundings Turkish Belief Society, it’s one of the most frequented mosques by Muslims in Norway.

Drammen, with over 100,000 residents, is among Norway’s largest cities. The name Drammen originates from the Old Norse word “drofn,” meaning “waves.” The mosque, which was initially an old church, serves the Turkish community and continues its activities.

Drammen Fjell Mosque

Drammen Fjell Cami

This mosque is affiliated with the Drammen Turkish Islamic Society and is another mosque under the jurisdiction of the Diyanet Presidency in Drammen. It’s located in the Fjell neighborhood of Drammen.

Moss Turkish Society Mosque

Moss Turk Cemiyeti Camii

The Moss Turkish Society Mosque, affiliated with the Moss Turkish Society, is situated in Moss, a city in Norway with a population of 47,725. The name of the city is derived from the Ancient Scandinavian word “Mors,” which evolved into “Moss” in modern Norwegian. It is home to over 400 Turkish citizens.

Trondheim Mosque

Trondheim Camii

Trondheim Mosque, located in Trondheim, holds a significant position among Norway’s mosques. Trondheim has a population of nearly 200,000 and is one of Norway’s major cities. The name “Trondheim” is derived from the word “Trondheimr,” meaning “strong, fertile” and “home.” Trondheim has over 1,000 Turkish residents and is affiliated with the Mevlana Cultural Association. It is located in northern Norway and is frequently visited by Muslims from various backgrounds.

Stavanger Mosque

Stavanger, with a population of over 140,000, is Norway’s second-largest city. The city’s name is derived from the Old Norse words “stafr” meaning “staff” and “angr” meaning “fjord.” Around 1,300 Turkish citizens live here, and the mosque is affiliated with the Rogaland Muslim Association. It’s located in southwestern Norway.

Bergen Mosque

Bergen Camii

Bergen, with a population of 265,470, is Norway’s second-largest city. The name “Bergen” originates from the words “björgvin,” meaning “green meadow among mountains.” The city is home to over 700 Turkish citizens, and the mosque is affiliated with the Bergen Muslim Association.

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