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Mosques Around the WorldNorway

Mosques of Norway-1

In our series, we introduce the beautiful mosques from different countries as the houses of Allah. This time, the mosques we will get to know are the ones in Norway.

Baitun Nasr Mosque

Beytun Nasr Camii
Mosques of Norway-1 1

Beytün Nasr Mosque is the largest mosque in Norway with its capacity to accommodate five thousand visitors. Locally, this mosque is also known as Furuset Mosque. Located in the northeast of Oslo, this mosque has a magnificent minaret on its southern side. While the mosque features modern architecture, its wall patterns and decorations are also dazzling.

Central Sunni Community Mosque

Merkezi Ehli Sunnet Camii
Mosques of Norway-1 2

Located in Oslo, this mosque is well-known for its massive size, capable of accommodating two thousand five hundred people at once. It was built in 2006 by a Pakistani community living in Norway. It’s also quite popular among immigrants and tourists from South Asia. As the name suggests, the mosque adheres firmly to Sunni traditions, and it’s also known for its connection to Sufi traditions.

Norway Central Mosque

Norvec Merkez Camii
Mosques of Norway-1 3

The Central Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Norway. Its grand structure and beauty are captivating, and it’s recognized as the center of the World Islamic Mission in Norway. Over seven hundred people can pray simultaneously in this large mosque. The walls made of imported tiles from Spain and Iran, along with captivating decorations that resonate with Islamic teachings and Quranic verses, draw attention. The chandelier in the center of the main hall, when you enter the mosque, is imported from Turkey, and the carpet beneath your feet is imported from Iran. This magnificent mosque is also known as the largest Sunni mosque in Norway.

Islamic Cultural Center

Islam Kultur Merkezi Oslo
Mosques of Norway-1 4

Opened in 1974, this facility serves as both a mosque and a cultural center. What sets this mosque apart is its inclusivity, welcoming people of all religions, making it an interactive place. This mosque is also an educational center teaching Islamic values and principles. It’s easily accessible, making it one of the gathering places for Muslims in Norway.

Bergen Mosque

Bergen Mescidi
Mosques of Norway-1 5

This mosque is the largest mosque in Bergen, Norway. Located in a tranquil area, this beautiful mosque was built close to residential areas. It’s also quite popular among the Muslim community in Bergen. It has a separate area for women to pray.

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