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Mosques of Ukraine

In Ukraine, where the majority of Muslims are Crimean Tatars, Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity. Since gaining independence in 1991, numerous mosques have been built, some serving as Islamic Centers with Quran courses. We have compiled a list of significant mosques within Ukraine’s borders.

El-Rahma Mosque

El Rahma Camii
Mosques of Ukraine 1

The El-Rahma Mosque, gracing the capital city Kiev, is one of Ukraine’s most renowned mosques. Although completed in 2000, it took eleven years to become fully equipped. After opening in 2011, the mosque transformed into a social complex, featuring a library, printing house, and children’s play areas, among other amenities. Often confused with the floating Al-Rahma Mosque in Jeddah, it distinguishes itself through its architectural features and the absence of surrounding water. The mosque also offers Quran education in different languages and serves as Ukraine’s first minaret-equipped mosque, providing Hafiz training.

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mosque

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Camii
Mosques of Ukraine 2

Construction of the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mosque began in 2001, commissioned by a Turkish individual to commemorate Sultan Süleyman and his wife, Hürrem Sultan. Completed in 2007, Hürrem Sultan’s Ukrainian origin contributed to the interest of the local non-Muslim population in the mosque. Delays due to permit issues led to a delayed opening. Located in Mariupol, near the coast of the Azov Sea, the mosque’s architecture bears resemblance to Istanbul’s Süleymaniye Mosque. The congregation mainly consists of Tatars and Azerbaijanis. This mosque, meeting the needs of the local Muslim community, is a must-visit site in Mariupol.

Kiev Turkish Mosque (Hamidiye Quran School)

Kiev Turk Camii Hamidiye Kuran Kursu
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The Kiev Turkish Mosque, also serving as a Quran school, has a distinct form resembling a madrasa. Despite lacking a minaret and dome from the outside, it accommodates a prayer area for five hundred individuals. All activities in the mosque, including Friday sermons, are conducted in Turkish. The mosque is open for visits at all times, and during Ramadan, daily iftar meals are provided. Additionally, the mosque hosts Muslim ceremonies like weddings and circumcisions. It offers Quran education to students and has a capacity for forty-five overnight guests. Located in the city center, access to the mosque is convenient.

Ahad Mosque

Ahad Camii
Mosques of Ukraine 4

Originally built as the Donetsk Mosque, Ahad Mosque acquired its current name after being rebuilt with the support of two charitable families. Named “Ahad” in honor of Akhat Bragi, a Tatar businessman who passed away in 1995, the mosque is constructed in the Turkish architectural style. Opened in 1999, the mosque can accommodate seven hundred worshippers simultaneously. Plans for a new mosque in the region to expand the prayer space for the local Muslim community are known.

Kiev Islamic Cultural Center (Nur Mosque)

Kiev Islam Kultur Merkezi Nur Camii
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The Islamic Cultural Center in Kiev boasts the title of the city’s largest mosque and is also known as Nur Mosque. It hosts various meetings and events, offering a prayer area for fifteen hundred individuals. The center includes a library with Russian and Arabic books, functioning as an educational institution. Special programs and events are organized, particularly for housewives, covering not only religious topics but also sports and other social activities. The Kiev Islamic Cultural Center maintains the spirit of mosques from the Ottoman period, and its doors are open to everyone.

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