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In our series, we are introducing beautiful mosques from different countries. This time, the mosques we will learn about the mosques of Vietnam.

Cholon Jamial Mosque

Vietnamda Cami Cholon Jamial Camii

Located in the center of Cholon, this mosque was built in 1932. While the mosque was initially constructed for South Indians or Muslims residing near the mosque, since 1975, Malay and Indonesian Muslims who have been in the country also worship at the mosque. One of the most notable features of the mosque is that it is situated on the same street as Buddhist and Chinese temples. From the outside, the mosque has a simple and modern architectural design, but its elegant and colorful interior design draws attention. The mosque has tiled walls and a fountain in the courtyard, providing a pleasant view and ablution facilities for worshippers

Saigon Central Mosque

Vietnam Cami Saigon Merkez Camii

Built by Muslim Indian merchants in 1935, Saigon Central Mosque is the oldest and most stunning mosque in Ho Chi Minh City. With its impressive architecture, friendly atmosphere, and nearby halal food options, the mosque is an important place to visit in the city. Located on Dong Khoui Street, the mosque stands out with its four minarets and colorful structure. The mosque features shaded verandas and a cold ceramic-tiled floor, providing a resting place for those seeking peace in the heat of Vietnam. The mosque is also referred to as Masjid Muselman or Dong Gu Mosque.

Hanoi Mosque

Vietnam Cami Hanoi Mescidi

Located in Hanoi, this mosque is known as the Indian Temple due to its resemblance to Indian architecture and being funded by Indian Muslims. The mosque’s Arabic name is En-Nur Mosque. Painted in green and white, the mosque was built in 1890 and took its current form after restoration in 1950. The majority of Muslims living in Hanoi reside around this mosque. It is not only a place of worship for Vietnamese Muslims but also frequently used by foreign Muslims from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya, Egypt, and India who live in Hanoi.

Jamiul Islamic

Jamiul İslamiyyah 2

Also known as the Nancy Mosque, this mosque, like many others in the country, was built by Indian Muslims in 1950. Later, it was reconstructed by the UAE Red Crescent in 1980 and 2003. This mosque, referred to as one of the largest mosques in Saigon, is known as the central hub of the city’s Muslim community due to its large and colorful congregation.

Al Rahim Mosque

Vietnam Cami Al Rahim Mescidi

Al Rahim Mosque, built in 1885, is the first mosque in Vietnam. The mosque stands out with its grand architecture. The walls of the mosque feature moon and star patterns, along with many Islamic symbols. Additionally, the mosque’s exterior, covered in white and black granite marble, is another striking element. The mosque also has a section dedicated to Indonesian and Malay Muslims.

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