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New York Muslim Community Center Welcomes Refugees

Translator: Bi’ Dünya Haber

The Islamic religion advocates for helping vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals. Safety and shelter, which are basic necessities, are among the fundamental rights that people should have. In this regard, Muslims should always be generous and set an example for others. In this news article, we will focus on the application made by the New York Muslim Community Center to accommodate immigrants in New York City.

Center director Soniya Ali stated the following in a verbal statement to CNN: “As a Muslim, it is our obligation to help accommodate immigrants and travelers, and we have decided to take this step.” Additionally, New York Interfaith Disaster Services has signed a contract with the Muslim Community Center, which stipulates that a Faith-Based Stability Shelter will provide 950 beds for refugees.

Soniya Ali, director of the Muslim Community Center, said, “We have 17 immigrants staying with us. Each bed is their living space.” Soniya Ali also spoke about her own life, mentioning that she came to the United States as an immigrant from Kashmir at the age of 5, which sparked her desire to help refugees.

When they talk about their families or the children or spouses they left behind or the people they left behind, I can certainly relate because I have family members who are at home and not here. You feel that longing, so I understand this part of their journey and their situation.

Soniya Ali

People are in difficult situations in many parts of the world, and the world often turns a blind eye, especially to Muslims facing problems on the other side of the world. Every individual, regardless of their religion, has the right to life. Ensuring their safety should be a priority. Providing assistance to those in need is also essential in the Islamic religion. We should do our best to be understanding towards refugees and help heal their wounds. This news article presents us with a positive example in this regard.

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