Palestine March in Sapporo

In recent times, people around the world have been engaging in various activities to raise their voices and draw attention to the increasing oppression in Palestine.

Although the Far East, relatively speaking, has a quieter community in the face of events (presumably due to geographical reasons), the marches, demonstrations, and protests in this region are noteworthy attempts to capture people’s interest and create public awareness.

On October 13, after Friday prayers in Tokyo, Muslims organized a march and events under the name “Freedom for Gaza,” demonstrating their support for Palestine.

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In October 28, in Sapporo, a march was organized by the Muslim community leaders expressing their reaction to the war in Gaza and their desire for a Free Palestine.

The march took place in Sapporo and Odori, which are among the most important centers of Hokkaido (think of these areas as similar to Beyoğlu in Istanbul), with English and Japanese slogans, lasting for about 1.5 hours. Slogans included “We want peace,” “Free Palestine,” “Stop the War,” “Stop Killing Children,” and more.

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Overall, it was clear that significant work was done to bring the issue of Palestine to the agenda of the Japanese people. Crowds were photographed with interest at almost every street corner, and some individuals were observed accompanying the slogans.

We pray to Allah (swt) that in the near future, we will all be blessed to see these actions become a thing of the past and Palestine regain its freedom.

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