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Professor Who Guided Over 700 People

In the village of Foua, located in Mbour, south of Senegal’s capital, Dakar, over the past 8 months, more than 700 people have embraced Islam through the efforts of Professor Thierno Ka from Dakar’s Cheikh Anta Diop University.

One of the village’s elders, a friend named Dugai Ndiongue (Cibril), was inspired by Ka and requested his assistance with farming in the village. Ka agreed to help, but on one condition.

I accepted my friend Dugai’s request to support him in explaining Islam to the village, with the condition that he had already embraced Islam and assumed the name Cibril.

Almost the Whole Village Embraced Islam

Ka, turning a simple request for help into an opportunity, stated that during his first visit to the village, 30 people embraced Islam, and from then on, he continued visiting the village regularly.

These visits gained momentum each day, and over the course of nearly 8 months, more than 700 people became Muslims. This number is almost the entire village! Of course, Professor Ka did not stop there; the first mosque in the village was also built with his encouragement.

Around the time we started going to the village for propagation, my friend Shahrani wanted to build a mosque. I told him, ‘I know where you can build it,’ and brought him to the Foua village.

He Was So Happy That He Donated the Land

Abdullaye Ndiongue, the son of Cibril, who passed away after donating the land for the mosque, narrated his journey of becoming a Muslim: “My father’s friend Thierno Ka invited us to Islam. My father accepted, but I didn’t. My father used to say he wanted to see me become a Muslim before he passed away. So, I became a Muslim as well. My father was so happy that he donated the land.” Ndiongue concluded his words with a beautiful prayer.

With the strength we gain from Islam, we can withstand all kinds of hardships. Hopefully, this complex will contribute to a better understanding of Islam and serve as a means of guidance for those who have not yet found their way to it.

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