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Rapper Dave East Finds Peace in Islam While in Prison

Often, we take what we have for granted. We become accustomed to the things at our disposal, making them seem ordinary. Among these, the most significant is Islam, a blessing we sometimes overlook. We can better appreciate this truth in the stories of new converts to Islam. So, let’s take a closer look at what American rapper Dave East has to say.

Dave East, an American rapper who found solace in Islam while in prison, says, “Islam brought peace to my life.” In a new video from the “I am Def Jam” series, the Harlem-based rapper discusses his transformation.

I was locked up in Baltimore for a little while, and my cellmate was a Muslim. I used to watch him pray every day, and his perspective on getting out of the situation was more positive than that of other friends who converted to Islam in prison.


This example motivated East to explore the teachings of Islam. He says that the religion helped him develop a better attitude and explains his situation:

Islam truly brought a discipline to my life that I didn’t have before. Unlike my former mindset where I wouldn’t help them if they didn’t help me, we can’t live like that. It’s not about how they act but what you can do.

Islam is Perceived Badly by the Media

Like many Muslims, East is tired of the misconceptions surrounding Islam. He hopes that more people will come to understand the religion better.

They’re not showing the peace. In my heart, from what I’ve seen and what’s going on around me, there’s nothing better than Islam.

In a video for VIBE, when the cameras stop rolling and it’s time to go home, he talks about how the History channel and Islam helped soothe his mind, body, and soul in a chaotic industry. Dave’s strong faith saved him from life’s challenges when there was no one else to turn to but Allah.

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