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She Converted to Islam After the Terror Attack

Today, we would like to share an inspiring story that unfolded in the aftermath of the tragic terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, last Friday. In the wake of this hateful act, which claimed the lives of fifty innocent people and left more than fifty Muslims injured, people from various corners of the world came together to express their love and support.

According to Ilmfeed, an English Muslim woman from Nottinghamshire visited the Ibrahim Mosque in Beeston on Monday, March 18th, to express her sorrow and solidarity with her Muslim brothers and sisters who had suffered in the wake of the Christchurch massacre.

IlmFeed, a Muslim news company based in London, reported that on Monday, they uploaded a video on their YouTube channel. In the video, a woman, holding flowers and a card, entered the Ibrahim Mosque between the Dhuhr and Asr prayers. She walked towards the area where the worshippers had gathered, and then, to check if anyone was in a room just across from the mosque, she headed in that direction and found a group of young Muslims having a meal.

“You know what happened in New Zealand. I brought these gifts to show my respect to you,” said the English woman. The Muslim group there invited the woman to join them for a meal and tea, which she gladly accepted. They all sat together and shared a moment of unity.

An anonymous commentator, who spoke to Ilmfeed, said, “The group engaged in a profound discussion about Islamic faith and dawah, and she was intently listening. Subhanallah, she recited the Shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith) and left as a Muslim. The Australian terrorist of European descent took the lives of 50 Muslims and left many injured, sadly, some in life-threatening conditions. However, Alhamdulillah, what he has actually done is to grant martyrdom to these Muslims, paving their way to the heavens and spreading the message of Islam worldwide.”

In a time of darkness, we see the power of humanity’s goodness and unity shining through. This story reminds us that in the face of hate and violence, love and compassion can prevail, uniting us all.

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