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The Hijab Event Which Brought Students Together  

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

The endless number of propagandas and remarks made towards one of the greatest symbols of Islam, the hijab, has always been one of the greatest difficulties for students observing it. Informing people about Islam carries significance with the hijab receiving such negative comments and in effect negative perceptions.  Today we will be looking at an event that aims to knock negative views of the hijab while also teaching people from different cultures the importance it holds for Muslims.  

A Day in the Hijab event 

A Day in the Hijab event

It is the unfortunate truth that Muslim women observing modesty through the hijab come face to face with many difficulties in various areas of life. In fact, this is sometimes the case in Muslim majority countries, and yet again we witness Muslim women putting in a great effort for their freedoms. Muslim students in America have signed a unique event in this course.  

Wisconsin University hosted an eye-catching event about the hijab, to unite students from diverse cultures and inform them about Islam. Ghaida Edris, a student at Madison University, proudly shared some of her religious and cultural traditions on the 18th of November during the A Day in the Hijab event. In the great atmosphere where the smell of Arab food mixed with cultural music, Libyan student Edris, assisted those wishing to try the hijab on. Thanks to the ‘A Day in the Hijab’ event, students of Madison university came together, while non-Muslims were presented with the opportunity to try the hijab on, with other free activities. 

Feedback about the Hijab

Feedback about the Hijab 

Edris, who gave an interview to the Claridon news site, expressed the following, “I hope people can understand well what the hijab is; I hope that this will express how important the hijab is for Muslim women.”. In addition to this, Edris shared her gratitude to Madison University for allowing her to share her knowledge about Islam, and that she felt proud to be representing the university’s Muslim society.  

It was not only Edris who had positive feedback about the event. Diya Basima, another Muslim student at Madison University, added her happiness about the success of the event.  

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Öğrencileri Bir Araya Getiren Başörtüsü Etkinliği

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