Two Hearts Conquering Children’s Hearts: Kavazoğlu Family


A house in the Orhangazi district of Bursa, a room in that house, and toys in that room waiting to delight little hearts and be repaired for them. Let’s get to know the owners of this house, Muammer Kavazoğlu and his mother Şükriye Teyze, and visit their homes.

This project, which Muammer Kavazoğlu and his mother named “Don’t Throw! Fix It, Let Children Have Hope”, actually has a history of only two years. This beautiful adventure started two years ago when Kavazoğlu found a toy bag lying next to the trash can on the street and brought it home. After repairing toys, which are ripped, broken, and out of order, Mr. Kavazoğlu expresses the joy of giving these toys as gifts to a child and witnessing the happiness of that child:

To understand us and our project, you have to go to a place where you are unknown. You have to pass a toy to the child of a family that comes across you. After seeing that happiness, you will understand better what we feel.

Our Goal is 1 Million Toys

Mr. Kavazoğlu says that they have succeeded in obtaining the patent of this project, which they started by thinking of what they can do to deliver these toys to more children. The number of toys they have made and delivered until now has reached 8,250. The aim of the Kavazoğlu family with the project is to make children smile by reaching the goal of 1,000,000 donated toys.

Our Goal is 1 Million Toys

There are many people supporting this project from Turkey and abroad, especially from Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. There are even collection points in Nevşehir, Balıkesir, Kilis, Bursa, İzmit, İstanbul and Kayseri so that the toys can be collected and delivered to Mr. Kavazoğlu. After the toys reach Mr. Kavazoğlu, they are divided into groups such as electronic, wooden, plastic, and plush, after that, they are cleaned, and the repair process of the toys begins. Şükriye Teyze is especially responsible for cleaning and sewing plush, while her son Muammer is responsible for other repair works. By recycling materials such as plastic, iron, wood, plush, etc. discarded toys, environmental damage and waste are prevented. Due to the valuable work they have done, Kavazoğlu and his project have been awarded 12 times across the country.

A Little Gift

A Little Gift

Children in orphanages, prisons, hospitals and rehabilitation centers are given priority in the distribution of repaired toys. The family sends toys to many cities in Turkey. They continue to produce, recycle, give gifts, and bring joy in the eyes of children due to requests.

When we give gifts to the orphans, they are very happy, although it’s a very small gift. When they are happy, I am very happy too,” says Şükriye Teyze with tears of happiness.

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Çocukların Kalbini Fetheden İki Gönül: Kavazoğlu Ailesi

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