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3 Island Paradises Where Summer Never Ends

We’ve all daydreamed about a vacation in a paradise island with crystal-clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and a plethora of local halal food. These island paradises, with a majority Muslim population, should definitely find a spot on the travel list for any Muslim traveler who loves exploring with their family.

Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, located in Indonesia, is known as the “Island of a Thousand Mosques,” and you’ll find a mosque on practically every corner. Referred to as the “Little Sister Island” to Bali, Lombok is relatively quieter than its famous neighbor. If you want to enjoy lush forests, untouched beaches, and outdoor activities, Lombok is the place for you.

You can also catch a glimpse of the blue-green crater lake atop the active volcano as you hike Mount Rinjani. Lombok’s lush, mountainous interior is perfect for hiking and cycling.

Lombok, Endonezya
Lombok, Indonesia

When to Visit?

The best time to visit Lombok is during the dry season, between May and September.

How to Get There?

There are no direct flights from Turkey to Lombok. You can reach the island with Turkish Airlines’ connecting flights, which will take about 15-20 hours.

The Maldives

And now, the famous “honeymoon paradise” that everyone has been talking about lately – the Maldives. Comprising 1,192 coral islands, the Maldives is an island nation. Out of the 281 inhabited islands, only 96 are used for tourism.

The majority of the Maldivian population is Muslim, making them very particular about privacy and personal life. Hotel rooms are designed to accommodate this preference. Thanks to the Arab traders who arrived on the island in the 12th century, the Maldivian people have incorporated many Arabic words into their language. The greeting “Marhabaa” you’ll hear upon your arrival is just one example.

lombok ulaşım

Most of the mosques are made of coral stone with corrugated iron or thatch roofs to preserve the local architectural style. Maldivian shopkeepers close their shops within 15 minutes of each call to prayer and head to the mosques for worship. So, if your haggling negotiations take longer than expected, you don’t need to worry about missing your prayers.

When to Visit?

The best time to explore the Maldives is during April and May when heavy rainfall and high temperatures are less of a concern.

How to Get There?

There are no direct flights. You can reach the Maldives via connecting flights from Doha or Dubai, with flights operated by Turkish Airlines.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, located in Malaysia, gets its name from the brown eagles that are commonly spotted in the region. The name “Langkawi” comes from the Malay words for “eagle” (“helang”) and “reddish-brown” (“kawi”). To catch a glimpse of these iconic brown eagles, you can take special tours along the Kilim River. But before you go there, we recommend visiting the giant eagle statue at Eagle Square.

Langkawi offers pristine mangrove forests protected by UNESCO, showcasing nature in all its beauty. This, combined with its beautiful beaches, invites travelers to explore. Malaysia’s cuisine is diverse and uses different ingredients, yet it caters to the Turkish palate. Langkawi, in particular, is home to most of the best local and national markets. The island boasts 28 mosques, and if you’ve ever had the chance to meet a Malaysian, you already know how warmly you’ll be welcomed everywhere you go.


Furthermore, Langkawi is a duty-free island, so you can shop for plenty of souvenirs to bring back home for your family and friends.

When to Visit?

Langkawi has a tropical climate due to its proximity to the equator. The best time to visit is from November to June when heavy rain and high temperatures are less of a concern.

How to Get There?

Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, which is close to Langkawi. After reaching the capital, you can make a transfer to the island with small planes.

The spirit of exploration is an irresistible passion that resides within all of us. If you’re someone who longs for a peaceful vacation in a slice of paradise where you can comfortably practice your faith and never have to wonder, “Is it halal?” when enjoying your meals, then these recommended islands are just right for you. Have a great vacation!

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