99 Names of Allah in 99 Days Project

Until today, there have been many studies which described the beautiful 99 names of Allah, aimed to help people get to know Asma-ul Husna and bring them into their lives. “In The Name of Allah” series by Dr. Bilal Philips and Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s Ramadan 2016 Youtube Series “The Beautiful Names of Allah” are just a few of them.

Now, 99 names of Allah will try to be understood 99 days before Ramadan through the project started by Jenny Molendyk Divleli with the hashtag #99namesproject2022. The goal of the project shared by Jenny Molendyk on her Instagram account is to understand, learn and repeat one of the names of Allah each day until Ramadan. Showing the effort is so meaningful both in terms of getting together as a family in such an event and teaching children the beautiful names of Allah.

99 names of Allah Asmaul Husna
99 Names of Allah in 99 Days Project 1

As a group we loved the project which aimed to create a positive change sharing inspiring news from around the world and highlighting beautiful examples of inspiring Muslims. As a group which has written more than 1000 articles covering more than 40 topics in multiple languages from more than 110 countries thought that we need to make something and got the ball rolling to enrich the project! In the coming 99 days we will announce the project and create contents related to the project. In this context we will be sharing what we have prepared through our social media accounts.

We will send a WhatsApp message for every single name of Allah day by day along with instagram stories prepared for you. In the WhatsApp messages you will see quick explanations about the name of the day with some listening, watching, exploring and dua challenges! 

We have 2 different formats for Whatsapp messages:

  1. You can join the group for the daily messages. (group) 
  2. If you’re already full with the groups and don’t want to join any other one than you can receive the messages as private message from our whatsapp line. (private message)

Decide which group you would like to get involved and send us a message in order to receive informative messages right now!

Click here to send us a message!

We hope the project will help us get to know Allah better and be beneficial for dunya (temporary life) and hereafter.

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