A Visually Impaired Individual Learns 6 Languages 

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

Today we are here to share some news, which will most probably make you think; if our hearts are not afflicted, good things can happen. Despite being visually impaired, Meryem has become an example for most with the splendid work she has done. Let us read, what has become an issue, the learning of foreign languages, from her perspective. 26-year-old visually impaired Moroccan sister, Meryem, knows six languages. 

This determined individual, who has graduated from university with a degree in the English Language, is currently studying for her master’s degree in “Arabic Education for Non-Arabic Speaking” at Rabat University. Her interest in languages had started from her childhood. One day at school her Arabic teacher had asked her which languages she liked other than Arabic, Meryem replied that she enjoyed English. This dialog has become the start of the language learning journey for her, as after this she started to find interest in and learn multiple languages. 

So which method did Meryem use to learn all these languages? 

Meryem started learning German and Spanish on her own and later, with the help of her friends, she learned Korean and Chinese at university. While learning these languages, she used the method of learning the new language through a foreign language of which she had good knowledge. For example, she learned English through French, and then Korean via English. This method enabled her to use practice on one language while learning the other, while also allowing her to gain the skill of doing simultaneous translations. Meryem says that every new language she learns allows her to look at different cultures from a wide window. 

Other than learning languages, what does Meryem do? 

Tomorrow’s Generation
Tomorrow’s Generation

Not only does she learn foreign languages, but she has also started studying at the Rabat regional directorate of the Ministry of Culture in the field of theatre. Alongside this, Meryem uses her voice to reach her message to the public. For 8 years, since the age of 12, she had hosted a radio program named “Tomorrow’s Generation”, both in Arabic and French. 

Meryem’s interest in languages, writing, and theatre did not hinder her interest in children. When she was younger, she began to have an interest in children. Her role was on the school radio and camps organized by her school. She has also received training as a tutor in vocational training in child care. Her aim is much greater than learning 6 languages. Meryem aims to learn and be able to translate into 10 languages by 2025. It is also important to add that she sees the obstacles in her path of learning as the secret to her success.

We would like to congratulate our sister Meryem’s success and determination, we pray that she can reach her goals and achieve even more.  

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Görme Engeli 6 Dil Öğrenmesine Engel Olamadı

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