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Alcohol-Free Championship Celebration

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You may have come across alcohol-infused celebrations often seen in championship celebrations, which can make Muslim athletes uncomfortable. However, in this news article, we will focus on a team that respects the beliefs of their teammates. The Australian cricket team, out of respect for their Muslim colleague Usman Khawaja, chose to abstain from “champagne-style” celebrations after winning the championship.

In the final of the 2023 Cricket World Test Championship played at London Oval from June 7 to June 11, Australia defeated India and claimed the championship title. Considering the presence of a Muslim player in their team, they decided to have an alcohol-free celebration.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage criticized the team’s decision in a tweet, which received backlash from fans on Twitter. Sports journalist Kit Harris also joined the supporters who endorsed the team’s behavior, stating on social media:

This is called “camaraderie.” I know it doesn’t exist in politics, but it does exist in sports, especially in Australian sports.

Usman Khawaja 1
Usman Khawaja

In a similar incident last year, Australian captain Pat Cummins received praise for pausing alcohol celebrations after a 4-0 victory against England to allow his Muslim teammate, Usman Khawaja, to participate.

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