A Mosque Decorated by Nature in Ethiopia 

Tabiatla Süslenen Cami

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

We are brothers and sisters in Islam, who strive to survive in different geographies of the world, under different conditions and opportunities. Mosques hold the most significant place in our hearts, as we stop there to pray despite our daily hustle and bustle. We are human, it is part of our nature to decorate, maybe that’s the reason why we pay so much attention and effort to make our mosques as beautiful as possible. Showing this effort reflects our love towards this place of worship and its importance for us.  

Danakil is a region in Ethiopia with has harsh climates. Even though we may think that the heat and drought are the overwhelming aspect here, located in the heart of the desert, a mosque made from wood, whispers something greater to our hearts.

As individuals who live in big cities, among tall buildings, we find ourselves often saying that we do not have the opportunity to go to the mosque with the rush of the city life and that we prefer to do our prayers at home. However, we also say that we are home to some of the most beautiful mosques in the world, while also striving to build more of them. On the other hand, with their longing for a mosque to pray in, our brothers and sisters in Asaita have slowly yet surely built their own simple mosque. This mosque may not have decorative minarets, great walls, and dazzling chandeliers, but the hands that unite them, the eyes that provide order within the mosque, and the voices that helped reach the news of the mosque, all served the religion they believed in.

The magnificence of simplicity  

When I first saw the mosque, Masjid al-Quba instantly popped up in my mind, the first mosque in the history of Islam, as the mosque was built by the Prophet (saw) and the Companions with will and serve for the needs of the day, just like the mosque in the small town in Ethiopia. When you look carefully at this mosque, built with great care and faith, during all the impossibilities, you will hear it speak to you, saying: “Return to your essence!” 

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Etiyopya’da Tabiatla Süslenen Bir Camii

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