Thursday, January 27, 2022

Old Man Built Over a Dozen Fountains for Public Use

Values are like bonding agents that strengthen and develop society. Imagine what it would be like if no one stood up, or strove for anything. Well, the civilization would probably collapse altogether. Having said...

Cities of Islam: Tabriz

Let's continue our journey exploring Islamic Cities with Tabriz: Shams’ hometown. Enjoy reading! The Center of East Azerbaijan Province Located in the center of East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz is one of the leading industrial cities in...

The Mosque That Prophet’s Companions Built in China

The significance of mosques in Islam is no controversy. For centuries, they have gathered Muslims under a single roof.  They have always presented the unity of Islam to the whole world. Among these mosques, there...

Al-Quds Guide Mobile Application

  Jerusalem. In other words, the common cause of all Muslims. But what is the first step to being able to serve this noble cause? Getting to know it, of course! Then another question arises....

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