Kızılay'a Kan Bağışı Yardımı

Hasanpasa Mosque in Partnership with Kizilay for Crucial Blood Donations 

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer As humanity, we are going through some difficult times. It is the invisible fact that with the pandemic, which affected many psychosocially, there have been great problems and lags in many...
Kavazoğlu Ailesi Bidünyahaber

Two Hearts Conquering Children’s Hearts: Kavazoğlu Family

Translator: A house in the Orhangazi district of Bursa, a room in that house, and toys in that room waiting to delight little hearts and be repaired for them. Let's get to know the...
İyilik Minibüsü

The Minibus of Goodness in Istanbul: Ashane  

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer Mahmut Karaman, a university lecturer by day, and a soup distributor, to those less fortunate, in the evenings in a minibus they call "Ashane" with the support of his son Mustafa...
Kırklar mescidi

Hilltop Mosque With a Breathtaking Black Sea View: Kırklar Camii

  Kırklar Camii which translates into "Mosque of the Forty" in Turkish was built at 3200 meters high. Although it is not known when the mosque was constructed, the name is believed to be an...

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