Mosques of Spain

Translater: Rümeysa Şevval Ayvaz In the series of Houses of Worship, this time, we will introduce you to some of the wonderful mosques of Spain. The Great Mosque of Córdoba The Great Mosque of Córdoba is the...
İrlandalı Müslüman Kız Kardeşler

Muslim Sisters of Ireland

Translator: Hanne Türkmen Livıng conditions for the homeless have been getting worse and worse as the weather gets colder each day. The homelessness rate has been rising over the years, the number of homeless people...

Islamic Influence on European Architecture 

As striking as the title seems, it is true that Islamic architecture has shaped Europe very effectively throughout history. On the other hand, most people are unaware of this reality and the contemporary populace...
For Yatim

A Platform Dedicated to Orphans: For Yatim  

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer In this news, we will get to know a company that has set its heart on building a better future for orphans, families, but to those who have been orphaned due...

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