Osmanlı'da Şehircilik Anlayışı

What Makes a City an Ottoman City

At the time of the Ottoman Empire, cities were designed and planned to place the individual in the center. Residents thereby would feel good, happy, and peaceful there. Let’s go into details about what...
Nehir Kenarın'da Ev

A Turkic Legacy on a Riverbed: Lodge of Blagay

Translater: Hanne Türkmen And it is from water that We created all life. (Al-Anbiya:30) If you ever come across a sign with this ayah written in four different languages on it in Bosnia and Herzegovina, congratulations!...

Mosques instead of Malls: The Kaan Family

In Islamic communities, mosques are seen as a center offering sociological, political, and cultural service. But unfortunately, in recent years shopping malls have been taking the place of mosques. To remind and re-notify people...
For Yatim

A Platform Dedicated to Orphans: For Yatim  

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer In this news, we will get to know a company that has set its heart on building a better future for orphans, families, but to those who have been orphaned due...

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