Cities of Islam: Tabriz

İslam Şehirleri Tebriz

Let’s continue our journey exploring Islamic Cities with Tabriz: Shams’ hometown. Enjoy reading!

1The Center of East Azerbaijan Province


Located in the center of East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz is one of the leading industrial cities in Iran. The population has exceeded one and a half million in recent years. Azerbaijani Turks make up the majority there. Tabriz, located on the Silk and Spice routes, has also been a medieval cultural center between east and west for centuries.
Archaeological studies show that the city carries a history of 5 thousand years.

2A Flowing Hot City


It is believed that the city’s name is derived from the combination of Persian words tab (fire) and rîz (flowing). The city got its name from the Abbasid Caliph Harun Al-Rashid’s wife Zubaidah bint Ja’far. In 791, thermal springs in the area recovered her
health after she was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease.

3Thousands of Years of History

This city has been home to many states throughout its history. It has also been an important center for both its Turkish population and the ruling Turks in Iran for centuries.

Tabriz came under the Ottoman rule in the Battle of Chaldiran during the reign of Sultan Selim I, now it belongs to the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979.

4Shams Tabrizi

Şemsi Tebrizi

Shams Tabrizi was born in this city in 1185. He affected Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī’s inner world deeply. Shams became renowned for Rumi’s Divan-i Sham, a compilation of poetry on divine love.

5The World’s Greatest Grand Bazaar

İslam Şehirleri: Tebriz

Grand Bazaar of Tabriz has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since
2010. It is one of the largest grand bazaars in the Middle East and in the world. Located on the Silk Road, The Grand Bazaar has been a rich commercial center throughout its history, being one of the living examples of this wealth. Although the city is dominated by modern shops and malls today The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz still remains the commercial center not only of Tabriz but also of Iranian Azerbaijan.

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