Journey of Water: Somali

Oguzhan Karasu Somali

My journey of water started in Somali when I was there for the opening of a new water well and for checking the present ones. My visit for 10 days was full of experiences. 
Our foundation has several agencies in African countries and Somali is one of them. Before the inspections we went for a visit to the agency. We had a chance to visit the Education Center of Brotherhood of Prayer and Aid (Namaz ve İnfak Kardeşliği Eğitim Merkezi). Around eighty girl orphans receive education in this center.

4 regions in 10 days: We inspected 46 water wells and opened 5 new water wells in Mogadishu, Beidewa, Somaliland and Hiran. 

I really feel blessed as I got the opportunity to visit a Muslim country for the first time in Africa because being able to greet everyone I see made everything easier in terms of getting closer and winning their hearts.

I was really moved by the Somalians’ sensitivity for their prayers. They close their stores at praying times and the way they care so much about the prayer in congregation was so touching. There are mosques everywhere around for congregation prayers so you cannot miss it even if you wanted to ☺

Assalamu Alaikum Ladies and Gentlemen

It was the 4th day of our visit. We had to get from Modagishu to Hargeisa and inspect the water wells there. We got there by airplane as there was no highway. I was really moved by the pilot’s speech when he started giving information about the flight with an “Assalamu alaikum ladies and gentlemen” and how he ended it with prayers of travels.

The Opening of a New Place of Worship

We had finished our inspections in Beidawa and were on the way back. We still had some time left so we went to a mosque opening of our foundation that was nearby. Witnessing the happiness of the locals for having a mosque with a wudu (ablution) room and a Quran recitation course inside was a true blessing which not everyone is honoured with.

Bambelmo or Papaya?

Of course bambelmo. It tastes like grapefruit, though a little spicy but tastes amazing when it’s mixed with sugar and is drunk as a juice. The locals say that it’s perfect for keeping the body strong and resistant in difficult field work. However, to not get sick from the unusual food, we didn’t eat much of the local food for 5 or 6 days. We protected our health with the food we had brought with us. We still wanted to drink some other sugary drinks other than cold water. I couldn’t find orange juice easily but bambelmo juice was available everywhere. I avoided drinking it for 5 or so days but my Somalian friend Abdurrezzak kept telling me to try it. I couldn’t resist it anymore and tried it one night and after that, everytime we had to eat outside I ordered bambelmo juice before water!

The Best Soccer Match I Ever Played

It was our last day at Mogadishu. We were close to the Lito Coast. I saw kids playing soccer at the coast and told my friend I wanted to join them. I took off my slippers and got to the kids and joined them. When I looked at my back I saw my friend was also coming. We separated the teams and started the match. We won by 2-1 with me scoring the second goal. We then returned to the agency with sand on our feet.

This isn’t only my story. This story is all of us who prayed for the people in need, who donated for them, who has their heart for them. Praise be to Allah, who made us enter their pure hearts by delivering clean water to them with the support of benefactors.

My wish is that my journey which started with Somali shall continue with lots and lots more and may Allah make me a part of these kinds of stories.

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Suya Yolculuk: Somali

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