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Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

This year’s main sponsor of the Australian Islamic Museum’s annual Exhibition of Muslim artists was a private university that contributed $15,000. Mustafa Fahour OAM, director of the museum in question and a graduate of La Trobe University, mentioned in a statement:  

“We are pleased to formalize an existing connection with La Trobe University in this way. We see La Trobe University as a community that is at the forefront of social and cultural community unification with its students and staff in this region. The support from the university helps us to take the Museum of Muslim artists, which we are starboarding, one step further and reinforces our friendship with the university.”

The exhibitions at the Islamic Museum, where applications from Muslim artists were received last June, will be open from September 12th onwards, alongside the announcement of the first prize for the competition organized by La Trobe University. 

Islamic Museum of Australia

The Australian Muslim Artists Exhibition will also sign a sponsorship and an educational partnership protocol between La Trobe University and the Islamic Museum, this is a new development for both sides. Professor John Dewar, the vice-chancellor of La Trobe University, said the protocol is one of commitment between all communities and can change people’s lives in the area of education. 

The Islamic Museum of Australia is located in Thornbury, Melbourne. Planned since 2010, the opening of Australia’s first Islamic Museum took place in 2014, thanks to the initiative of some prominent Muslim figures. The main reason behind this initiative was to influence people’s view of Islam and to eliminate any negative perceptions they may have. 

The museum, which cost 10 million dollars to build, strives to convey Islamic belief principles to people through a variety of artistic motifs. In addition to this, the museum houses many exhibitions and galleries which explain Islam’s contribution to engineering, architecture, and the arts. Islam is the second most common religion in the country after Christianity. Muslims have lived on Australian soil for almost 200 years, accounting for 1.7% of the total population of 20 million. 

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