The Elbakri Siblings Create Their Own Mosque in Their Home

Thinking, “If we can't go to the mosque, the mosque will come to us”, the Elbakri brothers turned their houses into mosques this Ramadan together.

Elbakri Kardeşlerin Evde İnşa Ettiği Cami
Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

The holy month of Ramadan is yet again around the corner and due to the pandemic, we have not been able to be with our loved ones for 2 years now. However, the holy month of Ramadan has filled our hearts with peace and tranquillity as this is a time where we can overcome worldly distances with Allah, the one who is closer to us than our jugular vein. In these difficult days of the pandemic, we tried to satisfy our longing for space with virtual tours. Not being able to visit mosques led to remembering and talking about the old Ramadan days with great yearning. However, youngsters with great imaginations have already found a great solution to our longings. The Elbakri siblings created their dream mosque right in the middle of their house. Today we will introduce you to the 4 siblings of the Elbakri family, living in Manitoba state of Canada, who had a time genius idea of building a mosque in their homes during these challenging times.

The Mosque Which The Elbakri Siblings Built in Their Homes

The siblings, from Winnipeg, thought that the best thing to do with the closure of mosques last Ramadan was to build a mini-mosque inside their house, and since the rules have not eased this year-round, they have started with their building once again. For this, they first cut and painted a cardboard box they found in the shape of a dome. Then they hung it on the wall and decorated it with curtains. They found red carpets that we often come across in mosques and laid them on the floor. And with a lectern, they completed the main parts of their mosque. They also converted the most spacious part of the house into a reading corner. The siblings designed the mosque to the finest detail, they did not forget to make colorful Ramadan lanterns too.

Ramazan Feneri
Ramadan Lighthouse,

The Positive Results of the Mosque Built at Home

As a result of their collective efforts, during Ramadan, they had a place where they could stay alone and do their worship, while also being able to create a spiritual environment where they could satisfy their longing for community. The environment they had created excited them, so much so that the smallest in the family, Tameem aged 6, decided to fast full days after only fast half fasts last year.

Last Ramadan Bi’Dünya reported about Yahya Murad Hussain, a young British architect who had carefully built a mosque in his home, his strong connection with the faith had given us hope. And this Ramadan, the Elbakri siblings we have had the pleasure of meeting, also helped us to see that children carry a loving world in their hearts towards their faith, wherever they may be in the world, and this nourished our hopes.

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Winnipegli Elbakri Kardeşler Camiyi Evlerine Taşıyor

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