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Exploring CountriesBelarus

Exploring Countries: Belarus

We’re starting another series where we’ll be getting to know different countries with 10 must know facts about them. Our first stop is a slavic state in Eastern Europe: Belarus, also known as White Russia. Let’s start!

The Capital

Belarus’s capital is Minsk and the city has the title of “the Hero City” because of the locals’ protests to the occupations.

A Summary of The Country

Belarus has been a subject for the conflict between Russia and Poland until the 20th century. But after the Soviet’s dissolution in 1991, the country has ultimately started their independence journey.

The Population and Religion of Belarus

It is known that 70% of the population are Orthodox Christians, 20% are Protestants and Catholics and the rest 10% are Jews and Tatar Muslims.

The Symbol of Belarus

The Symbol of Belarus
Exploring Countries: Belarus 1

Belarus is one of the rare places of Eastern Europe that has protected its natural beauties inside. The storks that are making the country even more beautiful in summers have become the symbol of the country.

Places You Must Visit

Belovezhskaya Puscha is a National Park which is designated a UNESCO World heritage site as a part of the ‘Man and the Biosphere Programme’ and it is also one of the oldest ecological systems of Europe with hundreds of plant and animal species inside.

The Oldest Historical Site: Mir Castle

The Oldest Historical Site Mir Castle
Exploring Countries: Belarus 2

Mir Castle is one of the oldest architectures in the country. It was built between the 15th and the 16th centuries and it is a Lituanian Radzivil family’s heritage. It is still listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Passports Instead of ID’s

Another interesting fact about Belarus: there is no one in the country that has an ID card. Every born Belarusian is given a passport and the passport is used for every process.

The Symbol of the Capital: Minsk Mosque

The Symbol of the Capital Minsk Mosque
Exploring Countries: Belarus 3

The Minsk Mosque was built by the Department of Religious Affairs but it was mostly destructed during the Soviet times. The restorations are completed in 2016 and the mosque is one of the most imposing and beautiful buildings of the capital.

The Punishment System of the Country

Belarus is the only country that runs a capital punishment in Europe. President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s (1994- ) attitude towards the death penalty has been criticized by a lot of Western countries. The latest implementation of the punishment was for the case of the 2011 Minsk Subway Attack, were 2 attackers were responsible for many deaths.

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