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The Geographic Location of Luxembourg

The Adolphe Bridge was built in 1903 to provide safe passage across the Peter River. With a length of 153 meters and a width of 17.2 meters, the bridge has a four-lane road for vehicles and two walking paths for pedestrians. The now seen symbol bridge is believed to represent the independence of Luxembourg. Both because of this symbolic meaning and the pretty view it has, the bridge attracts the attention of tourists. 

The Geographic Location of

The Museums of Luxembourg

The biggest and oldest museum in Luxembourg is the National History and Art Museum. The museum consists of Luxembourg’s historic and cultural heritage since the day it was opened in 1869. The Luxembourg Bank Museum is a museum dedicated to the country’s banking history. Notre Dame Cathedral is not a museum but it is an important monument from the 17th century. 

The Vianden Castle

The Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle is a huge castle built on the highest point of Vianden Town, and its history dates back to the Middle Ages. The total length of the castle, including its exterior, is 90 meters. There is a small museum inside the castle. The house which Victor Hugo stayed at when he was in confinement is now turned into a museum as well, named the Victor Hugo House. 

Places You Should Visit in Luxembourg

Bock Casemates is a castle from the 9th century. There are plenty of underground caves and tunnels. The building that is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage list is constantly under the visit of tourists. Another building is the Grand Duke Palace, it was first built as the mayor’s building but then turned into a palace.

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