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Famous Wrestler Umaga’s Son Converts to Islam

Translator: Bi’ Dünya Haber

As Malcolm X once said, “The best place to think is either in university or in prison.” Like the previous testimonies we have shared with you, this news is about a Muslim who found honor in Islam while in prison.

Zilla Fatu, the twenty-seven-year-old son of American wrestler Eddie Fatu, known by his ring name Umaga, announced his conversion to Islam in a video where he shared his Shahada. Zilla, who entered prison at the age of fifteen on theft charges, began researching Islam while incarcerated and learned about the lives of devout Muslims. He also sought to continuously learn about the Islamic faith from fellow Muslim inmates. April 3, 2022, marked a new beginning for him as he embraced Islam.

Zilla mentioned the positive developments in his life since embracing Islam, and expressed his ongoing efforts to learn about the faith and do his best, even though he acknowledged his imperfections. As a new Muslim, he intends to use social media platforms to share his journey, create awareness about Islam, and inspire others.

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