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From Seeker to Happy Muslim: Abdurrahim Green

The most beautiful doors are often revealed after a diligent quest because the pursuit is frequently the treasure at the end of a challenging journey. Those who choose the path of truth despite all obstacles are the rightful owners of that most beautiful treasure. Abdurrahim Green is one such individual -a Tanzanian-born British national who has been an Islamic activist in his homeland since 1988, guarding his treasure.

Abdurrahim Green’s story unfolds over a significant period. Born in 1964, Green began questioning the fundamental tenets of Christianity at the tender age of eight. Despite retaining reservations about the illogical aspects of the Trinity doctrine, he continued, like many Christians, to adhere to dogma without expressing his doubts openly.

Abdurrahim Green Konusma
From Happy Muslims to Hidayah: Abdurrahim Green 1

The most critical chapter of his story took place during business trips to Egypt. Witnessing the happiness of Muslims in Egypt, who managed to find contentment despite facing numerous hardships, prompted Green, indoctrinated with Western-centric notions of progress since childhood, to re-enter a phase of self-examination. Questioning why Muslims were happy, Green describes that period:

The crisis occurred when an Egyptian began questioning me. I was dumbfounded when he convinced me that God died on the cross. What he said exposed the hollowness of Christianity’s claims about divinity and the infinity of God. At that moment, I realized I had believed in a nonsensical concept, akin to believing two plus two equals five throughout my adolescent years.

The programmed life of the West pushed me away vehemently. I started questioning whether a person should live a life in a strict program, wearing a straitjacket. I noticed that Europeans struggled to find joy in life. They lacked a higher purpose in life.

Abdurrahim Green
Abdurrahim Green 2

Simultaneously studying history, philosophy, and various religious texts, Green practiced Buddhist teachings for about three years, though he never formally embraced Buddhism. When he first read the Quran, he was immediately captivated, convinced that it was a divine revelation:

I believe only in Allah’s guidance, not anyone else’s. I am still unsure about what I have done to deserve Islam.

In the continuous journey of self-discovery, Abdurrahim Green stands as a testament to the transformative power of sincere inquiry and the pursuit of truth. His story illustrates the beauty of finding one’s way to Islam through an earnest search for purpose and happiness.

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