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He Built 90 Mosques Instead of the Mosque He Destroyed in His Past Life

It is unpredictable to witness salvation in this world, in whom, where, and in what form. An example of this is the situation where one of the leaders of radical anti-Muslim demonstrations in India, Balbir Singh, converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammed Amir. He now dedicates his life to rebuilding what he once destroyed.

The Journey from Destruction to Construction

In 1992, the Babri Mosque was destroyed by Hindus who opposed Islam in Uttar Pradesh, India, and Balbir Singh (Muhammed Amir) played an active role in its destruction. Six months later, he converted to Islam and in an interview with Anadolu Agency, he expressed regret for his role in destroying the mosque.


He states that after converting to Islam, he faced strong opposition from his family and community, causing him to question his beliefs. However, he chose Islam for peace as it made him feel better.

The person said that they chose to become Muslim due to Mevlana Kalim Siddiqui’s guidance who runs an Islamic teaching center in that region and directed them towards a strong spiritual foundation of faith. Before converting to Islam, Amir promised to build a Lord Rama Temple on the site of the mosque, capitalizing on the weak security in the area. But after his conversion, he promised to construct 100 mosques, and has already built or restored 90 in 27 years. He also runs a school to spread Islam in Hyderabad.

Mevlana Kalim Siddiqui
Mevlana Kalim Siddiqui

The Power of Islam

This example shows that even the strongest of enemies can find salvation in Islam and that it is the only belief system that is always new, satisfying, and true to the soul. Destruction is not of the temples, but of the souls of those who destroy them, and the way out is to surrender to Allah.

Just as the elephants of Ebrehe could not destroy the Kaaba, our mosques will exist until Judgment Day, and if one is destroyed, 100 will be built. The Islamic population of 1.6 billion will continue to grow until Judgment Day.

Enemies will either fall into the endless well with swift stones or be lit by the light of Islam. The religion of Islam is not about destruction but construction, and is the only cure for all other religions and ideologies whose souls have rotted and been destroyed. To conclude, a quote from Necip Fazıl:

I see the work, art, seeking Allah.
Ingenuity is this, all others are steel and rod…

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