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He Cooks for Cats for 10 Years: Zakir Yavuz

Translator: Hakan Emin Öztürk

In today’s news, we will get to know an uncle who is a man of compassion and mercy. He gets well with stray animals. It seems that animals can smell the uncle’s compassion from meters away. Our uncle’s name is Zakir Yavuz.

He lives in Erkalkan village of Tunceli’s Çemişgezek district and is 79 years old. Uncle Zakir, father of 3 children, actually has 25 more kittens that he takes care of. Starting 10 years ago with the cats he bought in his garden, the hero of the story makes food from pasta, bread and bulgur every day for the 25 cats. And not only for cats. Uncle Zakir, who also feeds dogs that come to him, says that the animals that see him immediately come to him.

Uncle Zakir not only feeds the cats himself but also set an example for his neighbors. They also help him feed the cats. Sometimes they even cook for him. Uncle Zakir expresses the situation in the following words:

My neighbors gives a meal and I give the other one. When they are not available, I give it to them (the animals) again. I counted the number of cats up to 25, but it depends.

God gives to me and I give to them.

Stating that he finds peace as he gives food to the animals, Uncle Zakir says, “I give them their food every day. When there is ready-made food, I also give them the food. They are more interested in ready-made food.” When there is no ready-made food, he prepares food by mixing pasta, bulgur, salt and oil, and soften our hearts with these words:

When they see me, they immediately run towards me. When they hear the sound of the door, they come immediately, they recognize me. Allah gives to me and I give to them.

He says that sometimes he gets angry with the cats, and when they get upset he regrets it after getting angry. We hope that the number of beautiful people like Zakir Yavuz who feed cats for the sake of Allah will increase…

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