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He Embraced Islam At the Age of 90

Guidance can come to anyone, at any time, in unexpected ways. This story seems to be a testament to that. In the inland region of Cebu in the Philippines, a 90-year-old woman declared that she has embraced Islam, bearing witness to the truth with a scholar affiliated with the IERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy).

The news was shared on the Facebook page of the IERA with the following words:

“Alhamdulillah! Despite her frail condition, this elderly woman made every effort to attend our symposium. This 90-year-old woman gave her testimony with Ustadh Abu Bakr Arabis and embraced Islam. May Allah forgive her past sins and admit her to His paradise. Ameen!”

The ceremony of bearing witness has become a tradition for the IERA group. Last November, a group of enthusiastic Muslims witnessed a miracle as an entire village in the remote Bantayan Island in the Philippines collectively embraced Islam.

New Muslim Portal
New Muslim Portal

In December, after Ustadh Abu Bakr Arabis’s talk on “Why Islam is the Chosen Religion?” in the town of Tingtingon, 59 people embraced Islam.

Today, Muslims constitute about 8% of the population in the Philippines, where the majority is Catholic. The introduction of Islam to the Philippines occurred in the mineral-rich Mindanao region, home to approximately 5 million Muslims. Islam reached these lands in the 13th century, two centuries before Christianity.

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