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Kerala to Makkah: Dedicated Steps Towards Hajj

Faith and determination nourish a spirit that transcends time and space, and Allah is with those who are patient (Quran 2:153). One such individual embodying this spirit is Shihab Chottur. Traveling all the way from Kerala, India, covering over 8,600 kilometers, Shihab Chottur has reached the city of Makkah with sincerity and determination to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Running a supermarket, Shihab Chottur grew up hearing stories of people walking from Kerala to Makkah since his childhood. Inspired by these tales of old, Chottur began his journey from Athavanad in the Malappuram region of Kerala in June of the previous year.

Embarking on a challenging journey, Chottur traversed through India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait before finally reaching Saudi Arabia on June 7th after 12 months and 5 days.

However, he also encountered difficulties along the way. In September 2022, Chottur was stopped by Pakistani authorities at the Wagah border in Punjab due to the lack of a visa. He had to apply for a transit visa, which took several months to process. During this time, he stayed at Aafiyah Children’s School. Finally, in February 2023, Chottur obtained the transit visa, entered Pakistan, and reached Makkah for Hajj after a short break of approximately four months.

In an interview with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ekhbariya television channel, Shihab Chottur emphasized that the journey was not easy, mentioning the extreme cold weather and the struggle against wild animals in Iran. Nevertheless, with his determination and perseverance, he completed this journey after one year.

Shihab Chottur
Shihab Chottur

Shihab Chottur first visited Medina in Saudi Arabia and spent 21 days there. He then covered the 440 kilometers between Medina and Makkah in just nine days to reach Makkah. After his mother Zeynep arrives from Kerala, they will perform the Hajj pilgrimage together.

Shihab Chottur’s extraordinary journey, surpassing his own limits and overcoming challenges, not only brought him to Makkah but also made him a source of inspiration. This journey also reminds us once again that the power of faith knows no boundaries.


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