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Kerim Ladinam: Quran Was My Only Guide!

Kerim Ladinam is a 25-year-old Russian Muslim who was born into a Christian family. He embraced Islam in 2006. Let’s hear his story of finding Islam in his own words.

“Allah is the protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.” (Quran 2:257)

People who convert to Islam later in life continue to serve as examples for those of us who grew up with Islam. This is the story of a young man living in Russia, where communism dominated for many years. A person sincerely seeking the truth on his own.

Two Religions Interested Me

“I was raised as a devout Christian, but as I read and researched, I became disappointed. Christianity became a very foreign religion to me. At one point, I joined the Russian nationalist movement. I researched religions, and Paganism caught my attention. At that time, two religions interested me; Islam and Paganism. I read books about both, and I had to choose between them. In 2006, I said the Shahada and became a Muslim.”

Kerim Ladinam, with his determination and persistent quest, was approaching the truth he sought. The courage of Muslims in wars between Russia and Afghanistan greatly impressed him. Having grown up in a Christian society, he had never met a Muslim. He was undergoing a profound change, knowing that this transformation would continue for the rest of his life.

“The courage of Muslims impressed me a lot. At that time, as a nationalist, I was looking for a tool to defend and elevate my people. I thought I could use religion as a tool to defend and elevate my own people. So, I learned that Islam was superior to Paganism. In Paganism, there is only emotion. Whereas, in Islam, there are laws and a very clear belief system. Islam has a clear perspective on the world. So, I found what I had been looking for in Islam. I said the Shahada, but I didn’t become a complete Muslim. I did more serious research. I understood that this world was created according to a certain plan; everything, beings, everything has a beginning and an end. Worshipping my own people seemed meaningless to me because everything will disappear.”

Kerim Ladinam felt that the void in his soul was gradually filling up. However, he was not satisfied and continued to research constantly.

I had never met a Muslim

“I had never met a Muslim. Before becoming a Muslim, I had never met a Muslim. I learned about the religion of Islam by reading books and listening to the Quran. I read the translation of the Quran, Prophet Muhammad’s hadiths, and Ibn Ishaq’s book on the Prophet’s biography. I said the Shahada to myself and became a Muslim. Then I went to the mosques to find Muslim friends.”

This Person Cannot Be a Liar

“When I read the Quran, I feel good emotions. How people treat each other is how Allah treats them. When our Lord says something, you understand that it comes from Him. That’s why when I learned about the life of our Prophet, I said, ‘This person cannot be a liar.’ I think everyone needs the Prophet, his Sunnah. So, people will either surrender to him and become Muslim, or they will deny him and become disbelievers.”

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