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Muslim Cyclist Nabil Ennasri Arrives in Turkey After 10 Countries

Translator: Rümeysa Şevval Ayvaz

The meaningful relationship that a person develops with oneself, with Allah, and with Allah’s creations is an important part of human existence. Our Lord mentions in the Qur’an (Surah Al-An’am, 165) that humans have been made stewards of the Earth. Therefore, the preservation of nature holds great significance. In this article, we will talk about a French Muslim who, after cycling through 10 countries to raise awareness about global warming, has arrived in Turkey.

In order to increase the awareness and sense of responsibility towards nature, in line with Allah appointing humans as stewards of the Earth, Nabil Ennasri, a 41-year-old French Muslim of Moroccan origin, traveled through 10 countries and arrived in Turkey. He started his bicycle journey on April 22 in Paris and aims to complete it in Mecca.

Ennasri explains the purpose of his bicycle journey with the following statement:

My goal is to alert people, especially the Muslim community, to the fact that we need to confront the most important issue of our time, which is global warming.

Ennasri entered Turkey from Edirne and is particularly excited because he followed the traditional pilgrimage route of Muslim Hajj pilgrims. Expressing his admiration for the Selimiye Mosque, he continues:

It is one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey and an important Islamic heritage. The history is now speaking directly to me. Therefore, I am experiencing every moment of the Ottoman Empire, which played a significant role in Islamic history.

Ennasri, who continues his bicycle journey in Turkey, is currently on the route from Burdur to Isparta and Antalya. After Antalya, he will board a plane to Jordan to continue his journey, and he plans to conclude it in Mecca.

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French Muslim Nabil Ennasri

Global warming is a product of human alienation from oneself. Only when a person feels the flow of their own essence within the embrace of nature and listens to their soul to calm their internal complexity, can a more beautiful world, where people are at peace, become possible. In this article, Ennasri and many other beautiful individuals like him remind us of this neglected truth and encourage us to take action against global warming.

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