Rukhsar Jahangir the Recipient of a Law Scholarship

Translator: Rümeysa Şevval Ayvaz

Islam advises diligence and hard work. Reviving our way of life in this world and the hereafter requires setting out with sincere intentions and walking steadily on this path. In this article, we will talk about a Muslim student who has earned a prestigious scholarship through her determination and effort.

Rukhsar Jahangir, a Muslim law student in Bradford, has been awarded the esteemed Rose Scholarship in the UK. With this prestigious scholarship for her legal internship, she can pursue her dreams without worrying about educational expenses. This allows Rukhsar to dedicate all her time and potential to her studies. The 21-year-old Rukhsar Jahangir expressed her satisfaction with the following words:

To be honest, I can’t believe I won this scholarship. It is very rare to see people in Bradford winning such scholarships, and I am very happy. These scholarships help change the perception that legal internships are inaccessible.

She also acknowledged her family’s support behind the scenes in achieving this well-deserved award, stating,

I earned this award on my own, and not many people do that. Especially my mother was deeply moved and proud of me. They directed me to seize opportunities. My mother always tells me that there is nothing I can’t do.

Rukhsar Jahangir
Rukhsar Jahangir

Rukhsar Serves as Inspiration

Rukhsar hopes that by applying for scholarships, she can inspire more law students in Bradford to progress comfortably in their careers. She said, “When people see someone from Bradford winning this scholarship, I believe it motivates more people to apply for scholarships.” She added, “It’s a rare and great honor. I am grateful and proud to have received this scholarship.

Rukhsar, whom we have mentioned in this article, is just one of the many students who have achieved remarkable successes worldwide. Previously, 19-year-old Syrian Muslim student Lava Haji was selected as the Student of the Year in the Netherlands in 2022, after her talents were recognized in a highly competitive year. In Nigeria, Fareedah Oyolola from Lagos was chosen as one of the world’s brightest students by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) in August 2021.

The achievements of young Muslims bring hope to the Ummah (Muslim community). There are many factors vying for our attention in the world, but in my opinion, protecting and nurturing ourselves, achieving great success, and staying on the right path are the true essence of life.

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