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Chef Marco Pierre White’s son JR converted to Islam

Translator: Rümeysa Şevval Ayvaz

The Islamic religion is so impressive that JR, who faced the harsh realities of life, found Islam in prison and completely transformed his life. JR, the son of the famous British chef Marco Pierre White and a celebrity on the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother,” had been undergoing treatment for drug addiction since the age of 13. He had been to rehab 17 times. White revealed that he had spent over a million pounds on his son’s rehabilitation treatments and expressed his support for his son’s conversion to Islam. JR said about his father, “He has been my biggest supporter from day one. Despite putting him through a lot and causing him a great deal of stress, he never left my side. Going to prison made me realize what I had put him through.”

JR’s Story of Becoming a Muslim

After spending a year in prison, JR was released. He explained that conversations about Islam among the young people in prison and their reading of the Quran had influenced him, and he decided to adopt the Islamic way of life. Although he acknowledged that he did not adhere to all the rules of Islam, he said that he prayed five times a day and asked for forgiveness from Allah. Islam had such a profound impact on him and played a major role in turning his life around and bringing order to it. One could say that Allah gives everyone a burden that they can bear. JR’s drug addiction and committing numerous crimes that led to his imprisonment could be seen as a gift from Allah that enabled him to find Islam.

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