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Can You Forget Shedding Tears of Joy?

Volunteering at Süleymaniye Mosque is an entirely wonderful thing. I will have to admit that, however, cozy Ramadan nights stand out amongst all other memories.

At the time I volunteered, we traditionally had iftar at the mosque courtyard almost every night. It enabled us to further connect and socialize. Moreover, the visitors we met throughout the day were invited too. We would continue with our conversations then. In addition, they would get the chance to witness Ramadan’s spirituality.

Another day of busy Iftar plans, we invited a group of young girls to join us at Süleymaniye that night. They had just arrived two days ago. As surprised as they were, the group accepted our invitation. Just like that, the night had turned into a chance for conversation.

When it was time, all of us sat around the table waiting. We praised Allah for all the ni’mah he granted us. And as expected, after the adhan we shared the meal. One of the Ukrainian girls, smiling, gave up her share of the food: “You haven’t eaten all day. You should take this!”. I was very pleased by how thoughtful she was. “Your presence tonight is bliss for us. In fact, we’re already full!” I responded. Therewith, the girl started weeping. “I didn’t expect any of this and I’ll never forget tonight. Thank you so much!” she uttered. Eventually, the unforgettable night was crowned by a heart-warming group picture.

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