A Platform Dedicated to Orphans: For Yatim  

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

In this news, we will get to know a company that has set its heart on building a better future for orphans, families, but to those who have been orphaned due to the civil war in Syria, For Yatim.  

For Yatim set out with the worry for children who are not even able to complete their basic education in camps where they seek refuge. They aim to help regain the self-esteem of these children, as they will deeply feel the lack of this in the future, and to develop abilities and skills in them which will make positive contributions to not only them but also to society. Earlier this year, they joined their efforts with Karam Foundation, another foundation that strives to spread goodness.  

The voice of goodness

In hopes to understand this project better let us first take a look at the Karam Foundation. Karam is one of many establishments which aim to help our Syrian brothers and sisters. The foundation has set its aim into three pillars; smart aid, innovative education, and sustainable development. They have established innovation centers where the youth of Syria complete their education considering strong consultancy and developed innovative perspectives. In the cities of Istanbul and Reyhanli, these areas of work have been given the name Karam Houses. They provide financial support to vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Turkey, on the condition that they send their children to school monthly. Through the Karam Scholarship program, they provide funds to Syrian refugees going to university in Turkey and Jordan. 

Of these two charities, For Yatim supported Karam earlier this year by running a joint pilot fundraiser. During their visit to the Karam Houses, members from For Yatim witnessed young people building “Arab Futurism” from wheelchairs for slightly older people, to drone delivery mechanisms for the delivery of medicines and many more. Those visiting expressed their testimony with the following words; “These children represent hope for how we will bridge the refugee education gap with an innovative education.” 

The voice of goodness

The point which needs to be highlighted is how For Yatim organizes its collection of donations and aid. We wanted to draw attention to this matter as it is what makes this foundation stand out from all the rest. Many artists and photographers from all over the world who have accomplished successful works in their fields donate their works to a platform that allows them to be purchased for a limited time. Among the owners of these works, it is possible to see artisans which we can recognize from Turkey. In this way, benefactors contribute to the foundation by purchasing these unique works for their own homes or loved ones. They work with global distributors and business partners to ensure that the printed works reach their owners quickly. As a result, after deducting the transportation and printing costs from the income, all the remaining amount goes to supporting refugees. It is important to mention that any order over $100 it entitled to free worldwide delivery.

If you wish to look at the platform where such wonderful works are collected, you can visit their website

This article was originally written in Turkish. Click to read it! Yetimlere Adanmış Bir Platform: ForYatim

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